Here you can see some of my most recent work as a Narrative Film DP.  I don’t pride myself in being a good DP but I do pride myself in being creative and resourceful. I definitely love to do a lot of pre-production, including schematics and live action story boards. Go ahead and contact me if you’re interested in working with me as a DP.
If you’re looking for commercial work, go ahead and scroll down!

As a Director Of Photography, my goal is to discover the most representative look and feel of the film and each character, and create that visually with lighting, angles, lenses and movement. Below you can see my process for the journey:

Aileen Michelle
Director Of Photography


This is when I like to sit down with the script and the Director and talk about each character and come up with a color palette and visual character motifs. My visual presentation will help state goals of the cinematography, define the stories visual characteristics as well as for each individual character.


This is the stage when we put theory to practice, pre-viz! Not only will there be storyboards but there will also be schematics, overheads, and paper cuts! I like to do as much work pre-production so that production and post are smooth sailing.


Since everything has been highly planned out, generally things don't go wrong on the sets I DP, nor are there any surprises. And I'm sure some of you may be thinking "But what about getting improptu organic shots you would have never thought of until you're on set?". Two things I say to that! 1) We will definitely have been on set in pre-production. 2) I always plan with the AD to give some extra time for any extra shots that may come up and also for any hiccups.