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June 2015

It really starts here

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Lately I watch videos of singers and dancers and artists and I say to myself “Why can’t I be that good?”. That question really stuck with me this morning. Why can’t anyone be that good at anything? Because of time. I thought long and hard and realized it’s because we choose what to dedicate our time to. Most talented people have spent their lives mastering their techniques and arts. So once I realized the answer I took a look at myself and asked “What do I use my time for?”. It opened my eyes to the fact that there is only so much time on this planet and I’m not dedicating it to what I really want to do, which is write/direct. So I’ve decided to stop wasting time and really go hardcore on focusing what I want to do with my life. I’ve given myself a purpose and now that I’ve publicly stated it, I will make it my goal!