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A death in the royal family.

By July 1, 2015 Dreams

Although I can’t remember much of this dream I did write down the key events. I was in a car, in the passenger seat, while my “aunt” (a made up aunt) was driving. It was a beautiful day snd we were driving through some of the most vivid greenery I’ve ever seen. And even though this aunt was made up and doesn’t actually exist, I FELT the connection of family to her. She had a sorrowful smile upon her face and somehow I knew why without actually knowing what it was.
We kept driving until we pulled up to a community of houses on the outskirts of a city. My aunt started to talk then “here it is, this is where he grew up, that’s the house over there and here’s the tree” she pointed out each of these things as she said them. We got off the car, looked at the house briefly and went to what we had come here for… the tree.
There we stood looking at this beyond larger than life tree. The roots were almost the size of the house, which was a 2 – story one I might add. And as we looked at the tree I started to cry and pictures of a made up cousin flooded my mind. All these images made my sadness grow larger and I cried harder. My aunt cried with me too. She started pointing to parts of the tree and talking about what her son, my cousin, used to do and how even though his autism inhibited him in society, in nature he was a king. And then all the memories of the struggle he had in life came flying in, and my memories of taking him on picnics and how much he enjoyed the outdoors.
I eventually stopped crying and looked at the tree, there was was a specific branch hanging low. My aunt said that was “his branch”, he would say that the tree only let him hang off of one branch and it was this one. I could see his spirit swinging off the branch having fun like he did. I kept looking at the branch and the roots and I said to my aunt “doesn’t the tree look like a dragon?” My aunt turns her head and agrees. I then walk up to the tree and touch the roots and they move. The roots coke out if the ground and the tree starts lifting up high, it was a dragon. And then I woke up.

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