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A multi-talented creative, specializing in the representation of written and visual stories that question existence, perspective, and our own roles in the world. Each piece aimed at creating a space for deep conversation.

About Aileen

Creative since she could write and speak, Aileen Michelle has been telling stories since, well, since she could. At the age of 4 she began handing her mother written stories of a dark nature. Betrayal, despair, tales files with deep shadows. With her fantasy obsession on the rise, and her interest in Japanese Anime, her stories continued to take vibrant turns! Michelle never stopped writing and her dream to be an actress always kept her in awe of the cinema.
At 11 she "borrowed" her mothers camera (never to give it back again) and began her journey as a visual artist. Winning small awards along the way, when it came time to go to college she tried to find a realistic career: a two year study of insane interior designs, storytelling had never stopped pulling at her heart strings.
After switching her major to filmmaking, a medium that had written stories told through moving images, she finally knew what she was supposed to do: Direct her books into films, shows, and videogames.
Since then she has learned about every department in filmmaking and began writing her first fantasy book. Not without turbulence though, in May of 2020, Michelle was rendered disabled from some at the time unknown causes. She has battled with on and off disability and mental health but has never given up. After 3 years, she finally filmed her come back to the industry, all while finishing the first draft of her fantasy novel (over 300,000 words).
Though her health has been an obstacle, it is one she is learning to work with. Now an advocate for the un-abled, Aileen Michelle has found even more fuel for her creation fire.

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Career Highlights

- dont forget photography stuff!

Aileen Michelle

Creators letter and statement to her audience.

Hola! I’m Aileen, your friendly neighborhood Cuban American Creative! I’m just a kid who learned how to pay bills, have meetings, and meet deadlines, but never really grew up in the conventional sense.

You see, playing make believe was my favorite thing to do as a child, and I guess I just never grew out of it. My life was shaped with my nose in books, video games, anime, and in my backyard making stories with lizards.

I wrote often, shared often, and at 11 dove into the world of photography.

When it finally came time to grow up, I upgraded my actors and audience from lizards, to humans. And what a much needed upgrade that was, Lizards don’t give you much to work with. (No offense to the Lizard People)

And so began my journey as a Creative Storyteller! (read that with a dramatic echo)

I love… no… I am OBSESSED with the emotional journey of my readers, viewers, anyone experiencing my stories in whatever medium I create in.

That means you. 

Yes, you who are reading this letter right now.

I want my stories, that you graciously allow yourself to experience, to take your wheel of emotions and drive you to places you haven’t been in a while. My words, my visuals, and our connection as creator(me) and adventurer(you), that’s my design upon your feelings. My true motives and intentions.
Crafting the pathways of your experience in the worlds I create, I want my hand on your heart, Ka-Li-Ma Indiana Jones style. 

Giving you the expanding warmth of happiness, the joint clenching rip of anxiety, the unstoppable faucet of lust, the forceful void of despair, the thick fog of questioning existence, the whole range of emotions, that’s my desire for you. 

Your specific journey through the creations of my mind is what fuels me every day.

And that’s not to say I’ll force you to feel a specific way, no. Even though you find my stories once they’re done, this is a collaboration. We may play in the world of my imagination, but my stories are the canvas and you, dear reader, are my art. Your feelings, your emotional journey, are our creation, together.

And I hope you’ll trust me to take you on a journey through yourself, with my stories as the vehicle.