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Day 3 – 30 Day Writing Challenge

By November 6, 2015 30DayChallenge, Writing

The mound of lard lay motionless. The girl choked down her vile as she witnessed a drop of sweat slide down the rolls of disgust. Why him? Of all the people she could’ve fucked, why him? Allowing this disgusting pile of live expiration to enter her perfect domain… Why him?

The girl groans in frustration. “You’re disgusting” she says to the body. The shirtless man does not respond. His head dangles off the edge of the heavily used bed.
The girl looks at him and see’s he’s not breathing. This comes as no shock to her, why would a lump of fat be allowed to breath? “John, if you die I’ll be quite angry. Do you remember the previous time?” She waits for a response but hears nothing, not even oxygen conversion.
“Come on” she leans over and slaps his side playfully while regretting the aftermath. She wouldn’t be surprised if the movement of his fat caused a tsunami on the other side of the earth. She cautiously crawls off the germ infested damp bed.
-Aileen Michelle – Day 3 of 30 day writing challenge


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