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Getting Riggidy Rigged! New Editing Machine – Arrival CPU Cooler (P1)

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It was a dark and stormy week trying to decide which CPU cooler I would go for… Noctua, Dark Rock, Any liquid cooler… So let’s talk this through, how did I get through the week and why did I go with the “be quiet! Dark Rock Pro 4”.

WELL, originally I was going to get a liquid cooling system and almost all my friends talked me out of it. Besides leaking being a rare but potential issue, they kept telling me liquid cooling wasn’t as strong as fan cooling… SO I BUCKLED UNDER PEER PRESSURE OKAY! WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME PEOPLE?!?! A STRONG INDEPENDENT WOMAN THAT CAN MAKE DECISIONS FOR HERSELF?!?!… So I decided on fan cooling (lol).

Once in the realm of fan cooling I was so overwhelmed with options. I narrowed it down to the Noctua NHC14S versus the be quiet! Dark Rock Pro 4. And honestly, it just came down to looks for me. The noctua is DAMN UGLEH. I can’t even type that right, that’s how aesthetically disturbing I find that one to be. Now the DRP4… my god… In the world of Fan CPU Coolers, the DRP4 is a sexual beast the need only lay in the sunlight for thousands to gather at his side… Guys I may need some alone time.
But for real, this blade runner inspired chunk of cooling is visually just so dope. SO. DOPE.

So yeah, I One Hundo Reccomendo.


Getting Riggidy Rigged! New Editing Machine – Arrival Motherboard (P1)

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Just received my Asus WS X299 SAGE motherboard (ALL THE YES). Sunday I’ll be putting the entire rig together (pics so you believe it happened). I chose this board for the workstation capabilities. I do a ton of editing and coloring and SOON, VFX, Motion Graphics, Animation, etc. I’ve gotten a few jobs for graphics and haven’t been able to get them done due to my computer limitations… BUT NOW…. This is the part that lets me use all the other amazing parts I bought, which I shall update you on. This motherboard is the foundation of my super awesome dope rig.

Why I Luff:
– 4 way multi graphic support
– 128gb ram capabilty
– 8 DDR4 ram slots/channels
– x299 chipset support
– m.2 support
– 8 CH Audio built in
– USB C port built in
– Overclocking capa
– Color & design
– Mucho mas mis amigos

Definitely recommend this mamaboard. Do it. DEW ET.

ONLY CONCERN: I got it on Amazon and the way it shipped… dear god… DEAR GOD. I hope it’s okay. I’m sure that Asus packs it nice and tight though, I’ll make an unboxing video so we can all see and see my reaction and the packaging inside and shtuff.


Day 3 – 30 Day Writing Challenge

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The mound of lard lay motionless. The girl choked down her vile as she witnessed a drop of sweat slide down the rolls of disgust. Why him? Of all the people she could’ve fucked, why him? Allowing this disgusting pile of live expiration to enter her perfect domain… Why him?

The girl groans in frustration. “You’re disgusting” she says to the body. The shirtless man does not respond. His head dangles off the edge of the heavily used bed.
The girl looks at him and see’s he’s not breathing. This comes as no shock to her, why would a lump of fat be allowed to breath? “John, if you die I’ll be quite angry. Do you remember the previous time?” She waits for a response but hears nothing, not even oxygen conversion.
“Come on” she leans over and slaps his side playfully while regretting the aftermath. She wouldn’t be surprised if the movement of his fat caused a tsunami on the other side of the earth. She cautiously crawls off the germ infested damp bed.
-Aileen Michelle – Day 3 of 30 day writing challenge


Day 2 – 30 Day Writing Challenge

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He could feel his blood vessels dilate as his breath grew shorter. His senses confusing one for another, he could hear the cold touch of the unused side of the frail bed. The shock of the freeze reverberated in his mind. His head dangled off the bed, still, not moving.

He feels a sigh come from behind him. He thought he was alone. No John, you’re not alone, not now not ever.

If only he could move, if only he could tilt his head to see who was there. If only he could breath instead of die.

­Aileen Michelle ­ Day 2 of 30 Day writing challengeDay2

Day 1 – 30 Day Writing challenge

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The coital remains remained as the memories worth remembering faded away. The girl let go of the sight she breathed in. Her body flustered with shine, if only she could hide her dirty flesh under these frayed covers. A sweaty body lay limp as dough a few feet from her. She kept her eyes closed, why couldn’t she be blind at this moment? Another face to forget.

-Aileen Michelle: Day 1 of 30 Day Writing ChallengeDay1

Why Argue?

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Lately I’ve been wondering why people have debates and argue about certain topics and what not. I took two ethical argument classes in college and learned a lot. I understand the point of arguing for the purpose of setting laws but if you think about it… it’s all subjective. Everything is subjective and you can’t pass a law that’s good for every single person. Arguing about a topic is almost pointless because everyone has experienced different things and are in different points in their lives. And even then, the laws that apply to Bob right now will in 10 years probably not be what he would want anymore.
Going back to the topic of arguing/debating about certain topics, what’s the point? Generally speaking not many people know how to debate properly anymore and are horrible at using logical argumentative skills. I’ve seen friendships lost and even experienced it myself. Recently on Facebook I had a friend of mine post something about abortion. Naturally all the people who commented went into a frenzy and each of them found themselves to be right, even if provided with logical evidence for either side. I of course was the only one who said It’s subjective and doesn’t matter, this isn’t about right or wrong but instead about what should be illegal and legal. Not too many people like to hear that and a lot of pro-lifers verbally attacked me.
What I found funny was that I am a pro-lifer and they were attacking me, although I never stated I was so there is that. Technically speaking, if something is illegal it doesn’t stop people from doing it, there’s just punishment if one does partake in said illegal activity. Take murder for example, it’s illegal but people still do it.
Right now we’re on the verge of marijuana being legalized all around the country. I don’t smoke nor do I enjoy the company of people that smoke, so when it is legalized every where does that mean I HAVE to go smoke? No. Technically speaking the government shouldn’t limit us in what we can do but they should punish us. I’m not saying to legalize murder, what I’m saying is that the way people look at laws is like a concrete wall that no one can cross. Laws are there to guide us and show us that we will be punished should one partake in certain activities. But again you can still do them, you will just be at will to the actions of the court.
Now knowing this, it fascinates me how people still argue over such controversial topics. Bob is a pro-lifer and Jane is a pro-choicer, they will NEVER see eye to eye on this subject matter no matter how much perfect evidence is provided… so why argue about it? Agree to disagree. We’ve hit a point in time in which no one argues with an open mind anymore, in fact most people are rarely open minded at any time. So again, if you can’t educate these people who refuse facts and opinions… Why argue?

Would love to hear your thoughts everyone! Maybe some of you could partake in proper debate 🙂

Crossing The Line

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When creating a story of any kind on any platform, there is ALWAYS an invisible line drawn in the sands of story time. This line is symbolic of what the general populace can take in regarding emotional damage and “I can’t even” standards. This line exists to control us creators from causing mass societal destruction upon the spread of earth. So now that “The Line” has been defined, let’s get to the whole point of this discussion.
Recently I have found myself writing a “fucked up” series, and by “fucked up”, I mean “fucked up”. I’m writing this series with a fellow human being and as we discuss the possibilities and potential plot twists and story outlines, I’ve noticed that she keeps me in check with “the line” more than I do with myself. Well it made me think/wonder/ponder/realize… The line is COMPLETELY and totally subjective (much lie 95% of everything is). I find that rape is less line crossing than a person enjoying their parents watching sex. Of course this is all in the context of stories for film or tv or novel (meaning, I don’t think rape is less line crossing in real life, just in the fictional world). Now other people might find other things more “line crossing” than what I find to be “ling crossing”. Just like my partner for this series has her own standards for what “crossing the line” generally is.
This leads me to second revelation… This line… it’s a barrier, it’s a rule, it’s a governing force in which writers box themselves in. And aren’t the most amazing artist’s and visionaries the one who break the rules? The one who break out of boxes, the ones who cross the line?  So if we look at the “line” in the sense of a rule in order to be broken… then isn’t the line made to be crossed? Therefore negating all of how society feels? Now if that’s true then why don’t all of us writers and creators just create a world of serial killers and rapists and call it a day… Because the more we create about a certain line the farther back it gets pushed. Sex on the screen was a line, it was crossed and now things like 50 shades of gray and HBO exist.
Third moment… If we didn’t cross lines then we wouldn’t know what we are okay with and what the boundaries are. We wouldn’t be able to clearly define our comfort levels and zones without having to experience where the line is personally. Movies help us figure that out safely. With that being said, crossing the line helps society in understanding the norms of what is generally accepted and what is not.
NOW WITH THOSE 3 POINTS IN MIND… Do you think it’s good for writers to cross the line of crossing the line? Cross the line that you end up so far away from it that it’s almost like there was never a line to begin with? Act as if all things are okay and there’s no such thing as a line to be crossed? Also how do you feel about line crossing in general. What is crossing the line for you (in film/tv/literature)?

A death in the royal family.

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Although I can’t remember much of this dream I did write down the key events. I was in a car, in the passenger seat, while my “aunt” (a made up aunt) was driving. It was a beautiful day snd we were driving through some of the most vivid greenery I’ve ever seen. And even though this aunt was made up and doesn’t actually exist, I FELT the connection of family to her. She had a sorrowful smile upon her face and somehow I knew why without actually knowing what it was.
We kept driving until we pulled up to a community of houses on the outskirts of a city. My aunt started to talk then “here it is, this is where he grew up, that’s the house over there and here’s the tree” she pointed out each of these things as she said them. We got off the car, looked at the house briefly and went to what we had come here for… the tree.
There we stood looking at this beyond larger than life tree. The roots were almost the size of the house, which was a 2 – story one I might add. And as we looked at the tree I started to cry and pictures of a made up cousin flooded my mind. All these images made my sadness grow larger and I cried harder. My aunt cried with me too. She started pointing to parts of the tree and talking about what her son, my cousin, used to do and how even though his autism inhibited him in society, in nature he was a king. And then all the memories of the struggle he had in life came flying in, and my memories of taking him on picnics and how much he enjoyed the outdoors.
I eventually stopped crying and looked at the tree, there was was a specific branch hanging low. My aunt said that was “his branch”, he would say that the tree only let him hang off of one branch and it was this one. I could see his spirit swinging off the branch having fun like he did. I kept looking at the branch and the roots and I said to my aunt “doesn’t the tree look like a dragon?” My aunt turns her head and agrees. I then walk up to the tree and touch the roots and they move. The roots coke out if the ground and the tree starts lifting up high, it was a dragon. And then I woke up.

It really starts here

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Lately I watch videos of singers and dancers and artists and I say to myself “Why can’t I be that good?”. That question really stuck with me this morning. Why can’t anyone be that good at anything? Because of time. I thought long and hard and realized it’s because we choose what to dedicate our time to. Most talented people have spent their lives mastering their techniques and arts. So once I realized the answer I took a look at myself and asked “What do I use my time for?”. It opened my eyes to the fact that there is only so much time on this planet and I’m not dedicating it to what I really want to do, which is write/direct. So I’ve decided to stop wasting time and really go hardcore on focusing what I want to do with my life. I’ve given myself a purpose and now that I’ve publicly stated it, I will make it my goal!