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Why Argue?

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Lately I’ve been wondering why people have debates and argue about certain topics and what not. I took two ethical argument classes in college and learned a lot. I understand the point of arguing for the purpose of setting laws but if you think about it… it’s all subjective. Everything is subjective and you can’t pass a law that’s good for every single person. Arguing about a topic is almost pointless because everyone has experienced different things and are in different points in their lives. And even then, the laws that apply to Bob right now will in 10 years probably not be what he would want anymore.
Going back to the topic of arguing/debating about certain topics, what’s the point? Generally speaking not many people know how to debate properly anymore and are horrible at using logical argumentative skills. I’ve seen friendships lost and even experienced it myself. Recently on Facebook I had a friend of mine post something about abortion. Naturally all the people who commented went into a frenzy and each of them found themselves to be right, even if provided with logical evidence for either side. I of course was the only one who said It’s subjective and doesn’t matter, this isn’t about right or wrong but instead about what should be illegal and legal. Not too many people like to hear that and a lot of pro-lifers verbally attacked me.
What I found funny was that I am a pro-lifer and they were attacking me, although I never stated I was so there is that. Technically speaking, if something is illegal it doesn’t stop people from doing it, there’s just punishment if one does partake in said illegal activity. Take murder for example, it’s illegal but people still do it.
Right now we’re on the verge of marijuana being legalized all around the country. I don’t smoke nor do I enjoy the company of people that smoke, so when it is legalized every where does that mean I HAVE to go smoke? No. Technically speaking the government shouldn’t limit us in what we can do but they should punish us. I’m not saying to legalize murder, what I’m saying is that the way people look at laws is like a concrete wall that no one can cross. Laws are there to guide us and show us that we will be punished should one partake in certain activities. But again you can still do them, you will just be at will to the actions of the court.
Now knowing this, it fascinates me how people still argue over such controversial topics. Bob is a pro-lifer and Jane is a pro-choicer, they will NEVER see eye to eye on this subject matter no matter how much perfect evidence is provided… so why argue about it? Agree to disagree. We’ve hit a point in time in which no one argues with an open mind anymore, in fact most people are rarely open minded at any time. So again, if you can’t educate these people who refuse facts and opinions… Why argue?

Would love to hear your thoughts everyone! Maybe some of you could partake in proper debate 🙂